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    Catching And Eating

    It was a busy but great weekend. I managed to go fishing both Saturday and Sunday catching 13 Cobia between 33 and 40 inches from my jet ski along the buoys in the Baltimore and York Channels of the Chesapeake Bay. I kept one fish. I was on call and worked part of each day, Saturday night I went to my Sister in law Renee's big seafood birthday bash. My brother cooked up a storm of Crab legs, Scallops, Shrimp and clams. My buddy Bryant brought Oysters that he raised and I cooked fresh Cobia on the grill. Not to mention all of the sides topping off the list of " I can't believe I ate all of that" items.

    I would like to mention again because there have been some time changes;

    I am fortunate to have been filmed for an Episode on a new show on called " Off The Hook; Extreme Catches" In the episode I show host Eric Young how to Jet Ski Fish offshore of Cape Hatteras North Carolina. The Episode will air this Sunday August 19th at 8pm on Animal Planet

    Here are some pictures from this weekend;

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    Once again, you da man Brian! I am still trying to catch my first cobia. Was surrounded by them today. Had them follow everything and saw them pushing pinfish out of the water, but they just wouldn't take anything I presented. I sure wish I'd had some dynamite to present em. LOL Or a spear gun. I could have gaffed a couple of hundred pounds of them easy today, but they wouldn't eat. The triggerfish, on the other hand, devoured everything I threw in the water. Nice catch and awessome looking grub. SWEET!

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