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    Shade-tree rear seal replacement - WaveVenture 1100

    I know I'm going to get a lot of grief and criticism about this, but so far it's working.

    Lots of smoke was in the engine compartment so I checked and the rear seals were both hanging on the shaft - blown completely.
    I read all the threads about replacing the seals, splitting the cases, pressure testing, etc.
    Well, I'm an old shade-tree mechanic and was afraid that I didn't have the skills to do all the case splitting, reassembly, etc.
    Therefore, having a pair of good seals from another 1100, I decided to replace them in a more conventional manner.

    I pulled the motor out, had hell getting the coupler off, and cleaned the cases real good where the seals go.
    I coated them very good with Tri-bond and beat them into the case until they were flush.
    I then made a plate out of 1/8 plate, drilled and tapped the case around the rear seal and bolted the plate over the seals.
    There is no way that sucker is going to pop out now.

    Its been running all summer so far, no blown seals and no leaks.
    Oh, I also cleaned the carbs and sealed everything to fix any backfire problems.
    It may not last, but it was a lot easier than splitting the cases.

    So go ahead and trash me - but I'm riding my ski again.

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    I like it!

    Then again I cleaned my cases out on my GP with a pressure washer and these guys thought I was nuts. It's your what ya want.

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    macio and're both nuts. I probably wouldn't buy a used ski from you guys. But at least you guys are riding

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    You think they could have made the seals on the front and back press-in anyway. Sounds like its getting the job done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    macio and're both nuts. I probably wouldn't buy a used ski from you guys. But at least you guys are riding
    LOL. Yup...the pressure washed engine GP1200 heads back to gulf in two weeks for more hours of abuse. And no one will have to ever worry about buying it from me...when I pass it on to my son I'm sure he will do a fine job tearing it up

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