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    2012 SeaDoo Intelligent Suspension System (iS)

    My family is looking to buy our first Jet Ski. The ski will mainly be used in a large bay and occasionally in the Gulf of Mexico. I am 15 and will be the primary rider. Being 15, I don't care about being bounced around in chop. However my father does care about being bounced around. He wants to find a PWC that handles chop well. Initially we were looking at the 2012 GTX 215 and the RXT 260. These two were appealing because they had the S3 hull. Now we are considering a model with the suspension system, specifically the RXT iS 260. The thinking is that if the suspension system combined with the S3 hull combated chop well, it would be more appealing for both my father and mother to ride it.

    So is the Suspension System (iS) effective at reducing the bumps? Has there been any reliability problems with the Suspension?

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    I'm probably your father's age and after years of beating the crap out of myself (and the medical bills to prove it), I had to find a way to ride that wouldn't aggravate those old injuries. I'm happy with mine and the suspension system has had no failures and I believe that I have tested its limits. It takes those sharp jolts and turns them into "mushes". Plus you do feel buzzing and vibrations from the motor, which can be fatiguing after several hours.

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    A friend of mine bought the 2012 GTX Limited about the same time I bought my 12 Rxp-x. The suspension was nice however not for me. It did make the choppy areas seem much smoother. Would be nice on long cruises or lengthy joy rides while on the other hand trying to cut up and spin out was difficult with the suspension all the way up. It has both its pros and cons. In your case it sounds as if it may be the way to go. Good Luck and let us know ow it turns out.

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    Things to consider,

    Servicing is more costly

    They can fail, but the overall % is small... Where they fail is with long use in open ocean, usually from heat failure.
    Also keep an eye on the alignment, make sure the deck is centered when you look at it front on... If its out to one side, your risk of failure increases.

    There's a few other little areas to keep an eye on, but other than that, they are a good solid machine....

    Have some fun... !

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    Decided to get one with suspension. Thanks everybody!

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