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    what yrs jetskis stator will fit a 94 sl 650 i cant find any 94,but found 92 -93 so do i have to buy same flywheel for them depending of yr of stator,right now i have a 95 flywheel i bought not sure if this will work might mess with my timing,or if anyone has a 94 sl 650 stator annd flywheel let me know

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    as long as the part # is the same you should be good.

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    well right now i have a new crate motor has no flywheel and stator is a 94 polaris 650 so only thing i bought is a flywheel for a 95 sl 750 but on ebay there a couple 93 and 95 stators so i dont have any number to check on parts

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    All of the 650s are Analog Signals. I believe the 93 750 was analog as well. The 94 - on 750s, and all the 780s were digital. You must keep Analog CDIs with Analog Stator, and digital with digital. I can not confirm the flywheel. I know someone else will chime in on the flywheel.

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