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    Smile 2013 Sea Doo lineup

    Now that the 2013 Yamaha's are out, do we have an official date for the Sea Doo's & Kawasaki's?

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    Sea Doo just announced on their Facebook page that the 2013's will be announced on September 24th. Now if we could just figure out the release date for Kawasaki.....

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    I think the doos will be almost the same as last year just different colors..

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    When the new Doo's are released it will be almost 15 month's from the release of the 2012's. I would only hope it's not just a color change after all that time. Not to mention that on their Facebook page they are touting that this is the 25 anniversary of the Sea Doo in the US.

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    Really gonna be bummed if the 3 seaters don't have more storage.

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    Hopefully it will be something incredible for the 25th anniversary.

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    Apparently there will be an economic model for 2013. I was at the marina and some guy that used to work for brp told me that, I don't know lol

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    Air conditioning, drink chiller and big gulp size drink holders. Wind screen so your hair won't be messed up. Automatic dock rope deployment. Rear seat tv. CB radio with twin trucker antenna's mounted on mirrors. Adaptive radar controlled cruise control. Heated grips and seat. Power mirrors, and a dry weight of over 1000 lbs in a 2 seater. Auto anchor deployment tied in with speed control ( if you exceed 65, it deploys)

    J/k of course but sadly seems to be the way they are going. Oh and most likely some glarish 25 anniversary stickers, but no performance increase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaybat View Post
    Really gonna be bummed if the 3 seaters don't have more storage.
    Seems storage space has been decreasing over the years.

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    sea ​​doo would take something spectacular in terms of innovation and rendiemiento to celebrate 25 years.
    If you do not, that conclusion is that shit?

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