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    Question 99 Yamaha 1200 XLT SBT Engine Died 21.7 hours

    I just returned from vacation where my 99 Yamaha WaveRunner 1200 XLT engine died. I install a SBT engine fall of 2011 and it died with only 21.7 hours. I pulled the plugs and found front cylinder spark plug gap closed and plug beaten up badly. Looking into hole I see chunk of metal on top of piston. I assume starting the removal of engine would be next step.

    The 1200 pv engine was not in stock last fall and I had to wait till they received one before they could rebuild it then ship it.

    I just heard from SBT and I must pull engine and ship to then before they will send one.

    Time to clear a place in garage and start wrenching.

    I purchased 2 year warranty and block with gasket kit should be covered.

    I guess we will see.

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    Let's us know what was the cause of failure

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    while the engine is out, check and double check the rest of the ski. fuel system/carbs/fuel and oil lines/filters. just to be sure if anything could be the root cause. ie lean siezure/oil ines, etc etc...
    Gotta love the warranty! good luck...

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    I do love the warranty. First time I have had to return a engine though. I have installed a few SBT engine and all performed well. I am going to try run a fuel line to each carb. I have read that the last carb can starve for fuel under high speed running.

    Has anyone worked out a used for oil tank and lines once the oil pump block of mod has been performed?

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    Re: 99 Yamaha 1200 XLT SBT Engine Died 21.7 hours

    what's up with sbt engines

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    Do not take that engine apart befor sending it back. As much as you want to know what went wrong, I believe they will want to see it intact so they know whats wrong. It could effect your warranty if you take it apart. Just saying. They are great to work with on warranty replacement, exchanged my Dads when it broke in the 23rd month. The new one has went 5-6 yrs and over a hundred or so hours, no prob.
    PS: I am not saying I would buy one versus building my own for performance, but for guys who are not mechanics and do not have knowledgeable PWC mechanics in the area, SBT can be a decent choice.

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    I did get conformation that the bad engine showed up but have heard nothing about what went wrong and when to expect replacement.

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    I recieved the new engine few days ago. Weather got cold here so no rush to unpack it. It sat unopened until the rest of my parts come started to come in. I am still waiting for the carbs to come back. Going on 2 weeks they have been there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoffmanestates View Post
    what's up with sbt engines
    They are shit IMO. But that's my opinion

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    That they suck ASsssssss!!!! Ask them to let you open it if you really wanna see a surprise inside!!!

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