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    07 12f rear seat seal

    The rear seat on my Kawasaki is missing the bucket and the rear seat seal. I believe this to be the reason as to why when you roll it over it sinks very quickly. Where can I buy a new one?

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    You can order from any kawi authorized dealer.
    I tried a seal provided to me as mine disapeared. It was a thicker one than stock. Don't do this. It cost me a new rear seat (the seat I have is the 2 piece) as it went flying off on the 405 on the way to the big blue.
    I now use a bead of silicone and the bucket. Works fine.
    Make sure you keep the coil hoses hooked up to the air inlet holes that go in this area intact. They help if you roll the ski by not allowing free flow of water into the hull as they are higher then water level inside the compartment when ski is upside down.

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    I'll take a look at those air inlet hoses. That's the whole issue is the machine sinks very quickly if it gets rolled. I'm assuming it's because the seat seal is missing but I'll look at those hoses also.

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    Without the seal & bucket its act as a big hole when flipped over, & by the way, how do you flip over something this large?

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