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    03 Polaris MSX 140 HO Drive Shaft removal troubles

    This machine was taking on water, the bearing on the driveshaft was shot along with the seal. Got the jetpump off and bought the driveshaft removal tool, but it seems like the damn thing is welded to the PTO coupler cause I cannot get it off. It's not reverse threaded is it? What should I do? I've been soaking it in blaster but that bitch is on there unless I'm being an idiot and doing something wrong.

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    How are you holding the coupler still while torquing on the drive shaft removal tool?

    Are you using impact tools?

    You MAY have to lift the engine up and slide the drive shaft out into the engine compartment if the coupler does not want to loosen.

    If the bearing carrier is rusted onto the drive shaft you will have to undo the bolts and take it out with the drive shaft.

    Once you get it on to the work bench you can have your way with it.

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    I have a seal puller in the coupler to keep it from moving. I have an idersol rand electric impact that takes anything off and it's not budging. So I got to lift the motor then it sounds like. Great.

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