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    T handle Hi speed needles 951

    Should I install in 98 gsx ltd . Can you get to them or do you have to pull air box anyway. my 97.5 are on the top so not as much of a problem.

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    "T" mixture needles are for idle mixture adjustment really,you can turn them 1/4 either way to maybe help low end bog,but really nothin else other than idle mixture. As far as the "highs" their on the opposite side (bottom)of the carbs. And the Low speed needles wont work in the highs ports.

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    You only need the T handles for the high speed adjustment as the low speed you can adjust by a screw driver very easily viewed from above.

    The rear carb is the hardest to get to on the highs if the accelerator pump is still on the carb body.

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    They sell T handle highs the 951 carbs .
    My white motor 97.5 highs on top 98 silver needles on bottom.

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    If you have stock airbox still installed, the high speeds run completely shut. There is no reason to adjust them.

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