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    Looking for a good pwc for the wife to ride.

    Can you guys recommend a good stable ski for my wife? i'm looking used, stable and reliable. She rides like an old lady so no speed demon required.

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    I would look for a 155 gtx , 3 seater, stable, good power for size and don't have to worry about all the maintainance of the sc and I/c just gas and go

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    a gti 130 is a very nice starter ski 1500cc 4 stroke n/a good on fuel and as above no sc or ic to worry about

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    And get you a new one...

    The GTX 155 is a good stable ski-- no s/c-- so decent gas milage yet enough power to keep up.

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    My wife (age 65) just bought an 08 GTX 210 hp. and she luves it.

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