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    Pyramid Lake Info needed

    The wife and I want to take out toys out to pyramid lake (90 miles away from us) and we dont know much about it. Ive read conflicting data about it filling up quickly and early. Not sure what time we would need to be there to be sure we get on the lake. Also not sure about camping or accomodations nearby. I know there is one campsite, but its 1.5miles from the lake. Not sure about any close hotels either.

    So basically any tips/tricks/info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    There is a 50 ski limit. The cost is a whopping 34.00 to launch 2 skis. If you camp at the lake campground you get priority on that 50 number. If you go on a weekend day you need to get there 5am latest to ensure you get in. Holiday weekend 4 am. You get in line and snooze/wait.
    The best time to go there is any weekday. It is a nice little lake. A couple good coves. 35 MPH limit and right hand traffic enforced. Make sure you have fire extinguisher, etc. If you get talked to many times they ask.

    I have regularly sped on the lake and never gotten a ticket. On weekdays many times you never see the watercops. When I say enforced: If you are horseplaying and/or doing something to attract attention to yourself that they feel is unsafe ( when THEY see it) or possibly alcohol/etc. involved, look out. The right hand traffic means go counter-clockwise and when crossing go straight across.
    If I was going on a weekend I would camp on a holiday weekend.

    What area of SoCal are you from and what kind of skis?

    By the end of summer sometimes pretty mossy and sometimes weird color water from copper sulfate. There are some restrooms and areas with bb-ques, etc.

    Heres a coupla pixs from Pyramid:

    It'sa great little lake. It used to be 22$ to get in which was reasonable.

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