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    Karavan trailers -- out of business?

    Long time listener, first time caller...

    Over the last few weeks I've refurbished my Karavan double PWC trailer. New everything, because when you fix one thing, you find 2 other problems. Thought it would be nice to replace & update the Karavan decals since I decided to clean some surface rust (ie: complete respray, top to bottom). This is week #2 that I've found their website dead. When you call 920-928-6200, the automated lady gives no indication they are closed. Any option puts you on-hold with music telling you how much they appreciate your business. Hold as long as you want, nobody answers. Sales, service, parts, etc.

    I can't find anything online that indicates they went out of business. Searched the little newspaper in Fox Lake, WI for a clue. Nothing. My local dealer does his ordering thru a 3rd party supplier & doesn't know anything. Does anyone know if these guys close shop for the summer?

    Any insight appreciated.

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    This member recently got in touch with them for parts for his trailer rebuild.
    Send him a PM and ask how he got through to them. I gave him the same number you tried. Don't know if that is what he had success with though.

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    Odd. To fuel my conspiracy theory, a local dealer just told me they couldn't get ahold of Karavan for some warranty work they did last week. Customer had a coupler replaced and he said "it looks like we'll be eating that one" and he mentioned they only had a few 2012 trailers instead of "stacks of them" like years past.

    Anyone have some Karavan decals they'd like to sell... cheap?

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    I ordered parts from them last week; had no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverrunner View Post
    I ordered parts from them last week; had no problem.
    +1 I ordered a fender from them a little while back without any problems at all

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    site is up

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    I wish!

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    WORST customer service i've ever dealt with in my dealings with them. after WEEKs of dealing with a bunch of warranty issues i finally talked to the "owner"... whoever it was got my parts out that day but i tell no lie it took weeks and weeks of calls and emails before anything got done..... they got me good this time but ill never buy any karavan anything again

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