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    Pwc fishin in vermilion bay.

    My wife and i bought our ski in may, just to ride and play.
    Brought it to florida with us in june for vacation. That is where i first saw someone fishing from a pwc.
    I thought to myself, i have to try that.
    Finally got my ski ready to fish last month. Its awsome.
    I have been telling everyone that i know about this site and my adventures.
    One of my friends is getting his ski rigged up now.
    Another friend, went out and bought a new gtr215 today to fish on. (he has fished all his life out of his boat, and then he saw me yesterday.)

    we gettin more people interested on this end here.

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    Cool! I don't know anyone else fishing from a PWC, and all my boating friends think I'm nuts. I think it's fabulous fun. I'm just getting started and having the time of my life.

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    I will keep an eye out for y'all. I am running out of ICY and run across Vermillion bay out of southwest pass. I am on a red hull white cabin crew boat Mr. Sea. II work out of Broussard Bros dock by the lock. Say hi if you see me.

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    It is the funniest thing ever to see the looks on peoples faces when the see me pulling up in a fishin hole on my ski. And then their expression changes completely when im reeling in fish, amd they are [u]not[u].

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    Pwc fishin in vermilion bay.

    Yeah I have a buddy that was saving to buy a boat to fish out of and I talked him into coming pwc fishing with me and the next week he bought a pwc. I've had quite a few people that think I'm nuts but as soon as I talked them into coming they love it! Now I can't get them to stop asking me to take them again. One guy is my insurance agent. You should have heard him trying to get my fishing gear insured in the pwc. They laughed and said, "people don't fish off of those!" I think pronabaly most of us bought our skis to joyride first. You can't knock this sport until you've tried it thats for sure.

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