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Thread: Florida keys

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    Florida keys

    Going down to alligator reef (lighthouse out off of islamorada) Was wondering if anyone that has been down there knows of a place to flush and clean the skis before the 3 hour drive home. Will be dead tired at 9 pm when I get home in the dark to do this chore.

    Would rather do it at 4:30 down there, have a nice dinner and have a nice relaxing drive home. Most of the marinas either dont allow PWC launching or they allow launching but do not have a rinse/cleaning area.

    Thanks for any input. Tony

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    I usually keep a hose in my truck. I have pulled in back of shopping buildings in the past and just hooked up or some gas stations usually have a hose by the dumpster. Just have to look around I have even pulled into hotels,apartment complexes and borrowed there hose

    Have a fun ride. That is a nice place to snorkel. We were there just a few weeks ago.

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    HOSER LOL I keep a hose in my truck.

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    Looks like a fun day!

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