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    Where to mount my triple output fuel pump 94 SL 750

    Im going to install a mikuni triple output fuel pump in my 1994 polaris SL 750. Ive heard some people say that you need to mount the pump in a lower location in the ski due to air in the lines. Others are dead set on mounting the triple output in the same location as the old pump and that it will work fine. Many people here have different views. What do you think? Mount it in the same place or mount it lower in the hull? If I do have to mount it elsewhere in the hull where is the best place? Ive seen almost evenly spit answers on this site weather to put it low or in the same spot as the old one. Thanks for your help.

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    Either high or low will work.

    If the fuel pump is in good shape and the entire fuel system all the way back to the fuel tank is air tight then the pump will draw fuel, no problem.

    If the system is not air tight then you will have air bubbles getting into the fuel system regardless of mounting location. Mounting the fuel pump low may suffer less with an air leak but it is still not good.

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    I put it low not so much for the performance, but for the convenience. It's tubed up and out of the way once it's done, then you don't have to wrestle with it every time you need to fiddle with the carbs.

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