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    92 sl650

    Hey just new to the site, was wondering if anyone knows about the oil injection on sl 650 i know it not adjustable, but was wondering how to get ride of the smoking and bogging of the machine, I found the high idle adjustment but was wondering if i could lean it out some how in an adjustment on the carbs or not?? Thanks for anyone who responds , cheers B

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    While waiting for someone who can answer your question to reply, because I can't lol, there is a very high probability of you finding you answer HERE. While you're checking out that link be sure to look over the fuel system section about the desperately needed repairs your ski probably needs, and also the dangers of running lean.

    Best of luck and welcome to the site! Post up some pics of your ski when you get a chance, too.

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Bogging is usually a result of a fuel system in need of updating. The Link Burtonrider provided discusses all of the fuel system issues with this ski.

    Best to perform all the updates, rebuild the carbs with Genuine Mikuni Kits, and reset your carbs back to factory settings.

    You are correct, the oil pump is not adjustable, and therefore, it provides the amount of oil needed at full WOT all the time. It is going to smoke as it is a two stroke.

    You can "upgrade" to a variable rate oil pump for a few dollars which links the flow to your throttle input. This will reduce consumption and heavier smoking at lower speeds, but will not eliminate smoke.

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