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    F12X 3000 RPM Limit?

    So heres the deal, I bought an 02 F12X last weekend that needed a jet pump, so I replaced the jet pump. I took it out yesterday to a local spot to ride it and it will not rev past 3k rpm in the water, out of the water it will easily rev past 3k rpm but in the water it will not. There are no display warnings on, occasionally I will get a battery warning, but that goes away once the ski starts. I did some reading online last night and supposedly there is a safety feature where if the oil pressure drops below an optimal pressure, the computer will not allow the ski to rev past 3k. I changed the oil in it last night and the oil that came out was very thin, so I put in some Honda GN4 10w-40 oil. My question is, will having the wrong viscosity oil in these skis really cause this kind of an issue? Or are there likely other reasons for my 3k rpm rev limit? I was planning on tkaing this ski on vacation with me this Friday, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Also, I want to add that the driveshaft seems pretty noisy on this ski, I have read that these are noisy due to the splines so I haven't thought too much about it. But this one seems very noisy especially at idle. However anything above idle and there is no noticable noise at all from the driveline area. Could something be going on with the driveshaft that is causing the 3000 rpm issue? Or can anyone confirm how much driveline noise is acceptable with these skis?

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    Another idea, I read on here in a different thread that if the turbo isn't spooling up (spinning) then that will also limit the ski to 3000 rpms? If thats true, then I would bet that is my issue, when I changed the oil in it last night, I tried to spin the blades by hand but had no success and they seemed pretty corroded. So I'm gonna grab some oil or PB Blaster or somethng when I get off work and see if I cant get the blades to spin free. Do you guys think I am on the right track here or is there no correlation between the turbo spinning and having a max rpm of 3000?

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    Is there anyway to split the turbo in half? I see there are like 5-6 bolts arond the permiter of it, will removing these bolts allow me to split it in half and have easier access to get in there and try and free up the blades? Or is there a way to remove the turbo without removing the entire exhaust?

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    Ok so last night after work I got the turbo freed up, how stiff should the wastgate be? I can move it back and forth and it moves freely but is tough to move by hand. Is this normal or am I looking at wastegate problems in the future? Any input would be helpful I'm planning on taking it to that lake after work today to how she runs.

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    Alright, I took it out after work last night and she runs better but still isnt right. Instead of the 2750-3000 rpm cut-off it would rev to 3500-3750 but no higher and this time with a top speed of damn near 30 mph compared to 8 on Monday. So things are going in the right direction but still have a ways to go. One thing I noticed is that I had ther WGS connected but not very well (it was not clicked into place so it was easily removed so i doubt it was getting a good connection or any connection at all). Once I got home I plugged the sensor in to where it clicks, fired up the ski and gave her a quick rev and at that point the push rod on the actuator that opens/closes the Wastegate popped off of the arm. So I bought some c-clips last night from the hardware store to help keep the push rod connected to the wastgate. So hopefully this will fix it as I am leaving for the beach after work today.

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    Does it say LIMIT MODE on the dash?? if so hold the MODE button in for 5 seconds or until it goes away. If LIMIT MODE blinks on and off at the point of hitting the rev limitor keep riding till it warms up somewhere around 10 min and see if it goes away.

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    I havent noticed LIMIT MODE displaying on the dash, however thanks for the input I will definetely keep that in mind. Also what should these skis idle at? Theres a sticker on the top of the valve cover that says 1100 +- 100 or something like that. Is that the correct value? I know in the water fully warmed up mine idles around 8-900, so is there a screw to increase the idle on these skis or is it computer controlled?

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    They all idle different.if it was less than 800 rpm's I would be concerned. Not sure about the idle screw it may have one.

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    Ok well I'm back from the beach and here is the deal, it sarted running better as in now it will rev to about 3750 rpm and about 30 mph in choppy water but now the damn thing burns oil bad. I was hoping the oil bruning issue would be a valve seal that bit the dust or something simular but after pulling the valve cover and finding no remnants of a bad seal I pulled intake pipe from the turbo to intake manifold. And there was a good coating of oil in that pipe, so I pulled the turbo and the turbo was full of oil and the turbo has chipped fins, so its looking like its time for a turbo rebuild or replacement. Will a bad turbo cause the motor to run to only 3750 rpm or are there other under lying issues? I dont want to pump another 1k into this ski to rebuild the turbo if thats not going to fix the issues I am currently experiencing.

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