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    03 gp 1300 fuel problem

    i have an 03 gp 1300r my ski wont start i have spark and fuel pump is working i have no power going to my fuel injectors i had an extra ecu changed it out same problem also i put gas in cylinders and it runs i pressed button for 8 seconds came up 01 what would shut the power off to the injectors any help would be appreciated greatly

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    what other mods?

    EFI controller?

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    i have riva efi controller other than that motors stock originally has been running great last week started missing so i disconnected efi controller and plugged harness back together like stock thats when problem started i plugged efi controller back in still no power to the injectors so i dont know if its coincidence and whatever part is bad could have been on the way out i have strong spark and fuel to injectors they just dont fire no power to them

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    did you check the efi connectors for corrosion when you remove the efi?

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    i did no corrosion i also checked for corrosion on the rest of the harness going to injectors pulled off throttle bodies cleaned injectors double checked all the plugs is there anything that shuts the power off to the injectors tps or crank sensor i am trying to narrow it down

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    ok so i fixed problem i bought the yamaha diagnosis kit on ebay for 80.00 hooked it up it said everything was fine so my next thought broken wire went through the harness right by the main plug broken wire repaired it fired right up thans mikegp and wfo for trying to help and everyone else for looking

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