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    Cooling system issue. Something I haven't seen before.

    Ski is a 2005 GTX 4-Tec. Supercharged with closed loop cooling. My friend's daughter was riding out in the bay and she called to say it had shutdown due to overheat. Her father rode out to tow her in and found the problem right away. The small tank that holds the coolant had popped out of it's bracket, flipped upside down and drained the coolant into the hull. The electronics did what they were supposed to do so there was no damage but I figured I would post it so others might inspect the tank and bracket and avoid the problem. I will be zip tying mine to the bracket tonight.

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    MY ride plate cracked on my GTX-4-tec had a hair line crack. There wasn't any mark where I had hit something or even just scraped it. The ride plate was clean of any marks but had this hair line crack. Took a while to find it

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