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    F12x turbo blow off / boost controller install?

    Hey, I'm waiting for the delivery of my bov... im wondering if i should make a new custom 2.25 inch piping? or i should stick with the oem one wich seems to be (from sight) 2 inch?

    + how to hook the bov? Once welded, where goes the vaccuum? On the actuator splitted hose?

    And would this intercooler be a good gain over stock?

    im not very informed about the stock intercooler effiency ... Thank you!

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    I would recommend a macsboost module first as that will give the biggest top end and overall performance gain. The stock IC leaves lots of room for improvement. Our intercooler kit includes the bracketry and piping you wont find elsewhere if you do want to improve your intercooler. Once you have the module, then the gains of the intercooler really start to shine. The IC on its own will leave you disappointed.


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