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    Angry 2001 GP1200R to 1300r Conversion Tuning Issue

    I have a 2001 GP1200r that has a 1300r top end on it and I cant get it to run 100 percent. The carbs were set up :

    130 Mains
    110 Pilots
    95 GR Springs
    1.5 needle and seat
    Accelerator pump is removed

    as per PhilipGPRs recommendation.

    The ski is just overall sluggish. It accelerates slowly and smoothly and tops out around 50-55 at 6200 rpm. There are no warnings or lights and im using 93 octane fuel. Does anyone have any recommendations as to other possible problems or different tunings?




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    what impeller, pump, and nozzle?

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    Its a Solas impeller but I don't know which one its been so many years. The pump and housing are stock as is everything else except a cat removal d plate.

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