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    1997 ZXI 1100 no spark on any plugs.

    Hey guys!

    I have a problem with my ZXI1100, i have no spark on any of the spark plugs, i have checked the stop/start switch, andi have meshured the wiring from the switch to the box, checked the fuses and checked for corrotion inside. all connectores are fine.

    the wierd thing is suddenly i have some spark, but not for long.

    i have checked the Ohm om the Stator, blue and green cable in to the box, and this is about 440ohm, so it seems okay, the to brown cables had about 360ohm i think it was.

    but i only get about 0,25Volts (AC) out on the green and blue cabels..

    what do you guys think?

    (sorry for my really bad English, I'm from Norway.. )

    Thanks in advance

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    the kill switch at the bar, remove it from the bar, the inner rubber cover shrinks an keeps the switch in the closed position.

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    Thanks for youre reply, i have tried 2 killswitches, taken it apart and checked that the contact plates inside..

    Inside there is 2 circuts, do both have to be open circuts to get a spark?

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    when lanyard is in position that closes current to starter and opens the kill circuit, lanyard out and kill circuit is closed and starter circuit is open, its in the manual.

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    okay, i have now tried to manually close the circuit to the starter and the killswitch circuit is open, the starter crancks but still no spark..

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    It's not the killswitch, plz help me! I have the manual, but i can't find the voltage output from the stator..

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    took off the Stator and found that the ignition "sensor" was bendt, poor handling of the part form previous owner.. bendt it back in place, works great now!

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