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    01 RX steering cable issue

    My steering cable is siezed, is this something I can do myself fairly easy? The dealer says there is no way to sercvice it, it has to be replaced. Anyone have a different opinion? Thanks for any help or adivice.

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    If you ride in salt water, then probably best to replace. If water gets in, and corrosion, will be hard to do much with. They are readily available used and new aftermarket are not expensive. Either way, you need to remove to service it with any luck.

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    You can try using WD40 of PB Blaster to unseize the steering cable. Force it in first from the rear end and then from the handlebar end. Let it sit for a few hours and then see if the cable will unseize with gentle rocking. However, it's a bit scary to trust it because whatever seized it likely corroded it as well, and a snapped steering cable is no fun.

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    i have 2 01 rx steering cables fresh water only

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