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    gp1200r lacking power

    I purchased a 2000 gp1200r with a blown motor. I purchased a new motor and when going out my first run it would not go over 15 mph but would every once and a while get a purge of power and felt like I had 100% power until I slowed down and than it would not pass 15mph again. I went home and checked that only 2 cylinders were firing but it was getting spark so I figured it had a dirty carb. I took the carbs off and opened them up but they looked spotless. The reeds looked pretty aged so I hope that is the problem but I dont want to put the whole ski back together and still have the ski not working properly. Could the carbs still need to be rebuilt even though they are so clean?

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    what did the fuel filters look like when you took the carbs apart? they are very small filters and they are located on the pump side of each carb. sounds to me like your engine is starving for fuel. there is also a fuel filter on the fuel line near the fuel tank. does your engine have good compression? did you leak test it before you installed it? i would definitely recommend rebuilding the carbs while you have them off

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    The compression is good but I did not check out the fuel filters, is there anyway of telling how the filters are by just looking at them?

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    yes, if they are dirty you will see trash accumulated in them. they are located on the pump side behind the diaphram and gasket. rebulding is the best way to go, that way you know everything is new.

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    Yea I am dropping them off tomorrow to get them rebuilt to be safe

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    Fuel selector switch can also have a blockage.the fuel flapper on the bottom of the sending unit can swell and get stuck and cause a restriction,on mine the actual reserve line in the tank swelled and was pressed against the bottom of the sending unit causing an obstruction

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