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    1993 SL 750 - Appears not to be charging

    Hello All!

    I'm having a couple of issues with a 1993 Polaris SL 750. The ski ran great all last season, as well as previous seasons (I had the carbs rebuilt 3 years ago), and I try and follow proper winterizing procedures. When getting it in the water for this season, I put a new battery in it. It started right up and ran well. When bringing it close to shore, it would not idle, even though it was warmed up, and would stall. It will start right up repeatedly and when you give it throttle, it will accelerate and run fine.

    After killing the ignition and putting it on the hoist, we noticed the red light in the upper center of the MFD was on - constant and not blinking (not a good sign). The next weekend when we went to use it, the new battery was dead.

    I'm very familiar and mechanical with off-road motorcycles and quads, but PWCs and jetskis are somewhat uncharted waters for me... I looked to see what I could see but found nothing obvious with any wiring, etc. The fact that it ran fine last season has me stumped. To me, it seems like the charging system is not functioning correctly and something stayed "on", draining the battery. Not sure how this could be linked to the not idling issue.

    Any suggestions of possible causes or what to look for would be appreciated!

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    If the red lamp on the MFD stayed on that alone would run the battery down.

    Disconnect the MFD connector. Wait five minutes, then reconnect. If MFD does not now behave properly then try the reset/calibrate method. See my signature links for the details.

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    Thank you for the response, and the info in the links. I'll give the option suggested a try this weekend!

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    Also, is your battery good? Even though that battery is "new" it may have a defect or sat on a shelf for too long. Just something to check.

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    I did have my local CarQuest store where I purchased the battery check it out - it was good (thanks for the tip!). I installed the fully charged battery and started the ski. It ran well, and the MFD red light never did come on. I did not have to disconnect/connect or reset/calibrate it. I lucked out as it must have somehow gotten reset with the disconnect/reconnect of the battery. Thank you for your advice/recommendations!

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