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    Question about this water cooler for supercharger

    I have a question about this Engine-Tech Billet Water Cooler for Sea-Doo superchargers. Will it work with my 08 T-x? i got a mini Rude charger in it and the end of the year i am lanning on doing a magor maintetnance since i didn't anything other then riding for the past 2 years. So is it just a bolt on housing? Wher is the coolent water will coming from, and is there a diagramm for the water line?
    Thank you for responding (if you do)


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    It will fit on the front of any x charger yes
    Per Engine-tech instructions:

    1 Aply greese over the OD of the S/C flange.

    2- Install the 2 thick O-rings supplied. This is for corroions purposes.

    3- Install the outer O-ring into ET Water Cover. Make sure it is seated in the grove.

    4- Install or make sure the Inner O-ring is seated in deep in the grove this may take some force.

    5- Inspect your SuperCharger housing for any casting slag.

    6- Make sure you S/C cover is not corroded. It should have paint to prevent Corroions down the road.

    If it corrods through water may enter the engine and cause damage.

    7- Now add more greese around the SC Flange and on the iner o-ring this is going to help slid the

    cover over the hump.

    8- Slid the ET Billet Cover on the first part of the flnage before the hump.

    9- Now you want to push on one side of the cover over the hump and then once you are mostly

    over then push the other side on

    this will take some force. Greese is your friend.

    10- Make sure the outer O-Ring is in it's grove. Add a thin layer of silicon around the outer o-ring face.

    after the O-ring is in place and under the for bolts

    Then align the bolt holes the match the ET Cover and push into place.

    Make sure the outer o-ring has not poped out if so use a blunt flat head screwdriver to push back into place.

    Apply blue loctite to the 4 bolts and install them but do not tighten.

    tourque the 4 bolts to 12 foot lbs and use the sequence that is engrave on the Cover.

    This is to ensure a good seal

    "There is 2 fiitings make sure the smaller one goes in the bottom one,"

    The water routing can be T'ed before Intercooler Do not exeed 20-30 psi. 3/8 barb and 3/8 hose.

    Important: you want to run a 1/2 line to the top of the ET cooler straight out the hull no restritions.

    This is to keep the preasure down on the face of your S/C Housing.

    If you have ET or stock Chargers this Applies.

    If you have other S/c from other manufactures then you may want to lower the preasure

    using a smaller restrictor.

    Last thing to do is do a preasure leak test.

    Engine-Technologies inc. is not responsible for any damages inflicted by using this Race product

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