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    95 xp water entering hull

    I am getting alot of water in my hull. I had a problem two years ago where the exhasut loosened and filled the hull. This problem seems the same but I can't find the leak. I noticed it sluggish and opened the seat to see it half full of water. Drained it and started it and saw nothing leaking. Put it against the dock and revved it under load and there is a stream coming from under the engine(exhaust side) I can't see anything leaking so its either leaking way in where I can't get my head to see it. Any ideas where it could be coming from?? Exhaust is tight and lines all seem ok??? Just wondering if I may be missing something--this is the first I used it this year... However I do fully winterize with anitfreeze etc...

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    The water box's hose came off one time from the pipe and almost sunk my ski before getting to shore. Sounds like you Might have a Small exhaust leak. But if it is bad enough to fill the ski. You would known the power of the ski is down. Look for Grey water spot on the white exhaust. Some time a mirror works to fine it . It is nice to have the ski on the trailer on the boat ramp to work on it so it is in the water and will stay there when reeving the motor to see. Keep the drive shaft bearing grease. The Drive shaft seal went out onces and sunk my old 95 xp ski. The bearing seize to the drive shaft and rip the boot off flooding the ski. That suck toeing the ski back. I don't think that much water would be where it is coming from For you if the seal had a small leak. But I have herd of the carbon fiber ones leak like that. That ski had 450+ hour on it too. Look at the pipes cooling hoses too. Might have forgot the tighten one of them or it split on the bottom of the hose. O ring on the plug broke or forgot to put it back in. HA HA Just kidding. Sorry if you have check all of this stuff already.

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    the hose that connects the jug drains to the hull exit is leaking. I assume the water is hot going into the hull It's just about impossible to see on that model ( 787 motor right?) I had a tough time with one last year. Ended up loosening the motor mounts and turning the engine to get at it.

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    It is a 720 motor. I never thought of a mirror--thats a good idea. Thanks for the responses guys. Yes the water is hot

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    ride it with the seat off and see if you can see anything to .

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