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    2001 and 2002 Yamaha GP1200R Barn find

    So, I found a couple of GP1200Rs from a place that was about 3 hours away from my house. I went to get them and I am still a little skeptical about them as I found them sitting on the ground. They look like they've been there for a year or more. One has a Riva nozzle but that's all I could tell at this point. The guy who sold them to me said the only thing that needs to be done is the carbs need to be rebuilt. All I got were two skis, no trailer, no lanyards, or anything. I am hoping to document my progress as I go through this thread.

    I built the 'bomb proof' stands because I had a bunch of 2x4's laying around the house.

    I will update pictures as I go.

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    Check compression first to see what you got. Might consider leak down test, once you get an idea of what you got then look at what needs to be done. Redoing the carbs maybe the least of your worries but still should be done.

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    Re: 2001 and 2002 Yamaha GP1200R Barn find

    how much dough

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    do I hear five hundreeed?

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    Sorry it's been a while since I've posted...

    So after a long winter, I've finally gotten the bug to get one of them fixed and ready for summer. I've come to realize, whoever owned them to begin with didn't like to do maintenance but wanted something fun to ride the shi!t out of. So, the one I am fixing is the 2002 and has a Riva Pump Nozzle, a different ride plate, and Riva Sponsons. This is the one with the least issues (as far as I can tell).

    I started with rebuilding the carbs. They were in bad shape! I left the stock jets in because the engine is completely stock. I did not modify anything, not even for T handles. After cleaning them up, I finally got them back on the ski. I also pulled the catalytic converter to see if I needed a D Plate, sure enough, the cat was broken into several pieces and fell out of the exhaust when I put the D Plate in. Third, I put in a oil pump block off to go pre-mix. Now, I am putting the ski back together in hopes that the engine will run. I know this is a little backwards but I don't have the tools for the leak down test on the engine. I did however pull the head off to take a peek into the cylinders which everything looked ok. To be honest, it looked like the engine had less than 100 hours on it, obviously, I don't know that for sure.
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    Well all I can say is good luck bro! You really should have looked at the top end at very least

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    How do you recommend I look at the top end?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyphertext69 View Post
    How do you recommend I look at the top end?
    Crank the ski. Give it a compression test. All cylinders should be equal.. Plus or minus two psi. I do not know the compression for a 1200 but I know for a 1300 it's around 135. This will tell you if you have any weak cylinders in the top end. First thing that should have been done.

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    I checked the compression. It was good at 120 - 115 - 115.
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    You mentioned you did not do T adjusters. I hope you did pull the sealed plugs out and removed the stock adjusters out(after counting turns in) and cleaned them and their passages. I just redid a set I did 2 yrs ago and found a lot of gunk and debris on the tips of the adjusters. Just saying.. Boats don't look bad for the money, especially since decent compression on one.

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