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    Help save my beach trip!! Seadoo gti

    So put the jet ski battery on a trickle since last winter, put it in today got two beeps, it turned over. The. After that one crank it won't start again. I may have messed up here, while the battery was connected I put a volt meter on it to see what the voltage was when cranking, turned it over and saw a spark near the batter now no beeps please help!!!!

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    Check all of your connections.

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    I did and checked the 4 fuses and nothing. Any other ideas? Or fuses that might have blown from the spark?

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    I just don't understand this, I thought I could put a volt meter on it while I cranked it to see what the voltage load is

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    how much voltage does battery have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by watson View Post
    how much voltage does battery have?


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    Take your battery cables loose 10mm both and then retighten them both. I bet your bad connection is at battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avi8tor View Post
    I bet your bad connection is at battery

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    Already tried that, it wont even engage the starter now with the lanyard connected, but when I connect the battery with the lanyard already in it I can hear a faint click from I think the starter solenoid in the back that's it

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuckmoto View Post
    But with the same connection I had before, but now after the spark from the battery when I tried to connect the volt meter while cranking. It has absolutely nothing, before the spark with the battery and the volt meter it cranked once then the starter would click and it had 2 beeps. Now no beeps at all

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