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    mikuni rebuild kit ques

    Do I have a defective kit or do they really expect you to stretch those tiny o-rings over the threaded part of the needles without ripping or tearing them.they are 1/3 the size of the old ones and the only pair of o-rings in the kit and I'm expecting they go right under the needle spring and washer assembly,unless they changed it and they go inside the carbs body somehow on the smooth part of the needle?

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    They are tight. If you don't like them, get an O-ring kit from Harbor Freight and throw some on in the size that you feel comfortable with (still need to be a snug fit to make the seal). I assume these are actual Mikuni parts and not SBT garbage.

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    They'll go on fine. It is about impossible to take the old ones off without cutting them, however.

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