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    Newbie - GP800 No Spark


    I'm Brian and I'm new to the forums, but not new to Waverunners. I've owned 3 so far. I originally had a 1986 WaveRunner 500 that I bought very, very used and in sad shape. I took everything out of the hull and rebuilt it. We've never had more fun than with that WaveRunner. My son and I would have that and our GP800 out at the same time and we would both want to ride the 500. It was such a laugh just trying to plane!

    On to my problem though, which I hope someone can help with. The 1999 GP800 that I have has 33 hours on it, but has not been used since 2004. It worked perfectly when last used, but now has a no spark condition, although it turns over fine, the display works etc.

    Before I posted, I searched the forums for an answer and found nothing.

    I can do all the usual troubleshooting of the cdi, etc. but I have a feeling I might be missing something very basic.

    I've been trying to think "what could cause a no spark, that is age related?".

    I have a new battery and have checked continuity between the negative battery terminal (battery not connected) and the engine. That's ok. My thought was a bad ground, or no ground.

    I've also checked with an ohm meter, the kill switch and lanyard switch. I've seen it suggested that the kill switch could be disconnected, but I haven't tried that.

    I know nothing about the security system other than I have a 4 digit code and when I enter it, it goes to start mode. I've also tried resetting the code and that did nothing. Is there something I am missing here?

    I know the coil, cdi etc, could be bad, but going bad by just sitting there?

    Before I start some serious troubleshooting (which I really don't want to get into), I thought I would post the problem and see if anyone had any ideas.

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate being a new member to the forums.


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    Sounds like you're on the right track. You just need to keep testing the ignition system stuff until you find the problem. Do you have a service manual for you 99 GP800? It show you tests for the stator charge,pickup, or pulse coils (depending on what your ski has) along with tests for the ignition coil, kill switch, and thermoswitch. Somewhere in those tests you find your problem.
    I'd post the tests here for you, but I don't have a service manual for your ski.

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