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    New wrist pin bearing replacement a mandatory suggestion with new pistons/rings?

    I've noticed numerous piston kits online, but most don't include the wrist pin bearing. Is it common on rebuilds to use the old wrist pin bearing?
    I had the common oil inj line slip/off failure on one of my carbs and fried the piston...'02 1200xlt 66v...had approx 120 hrs on failure. I currently have disassembled all the way to crankshaft removal/inspection/cleaning, and ready to begin building back. I had the burnt piston cylinder re-plated and the other 2 honed. Was planning to order 3 new piston kits, but noticed most include all but the bearing...I guess I was thinking similar to car bearings/races that the bearings should be replaced...Do those of you that do re-builds...automatically replace the wrist pin bearings every time you replace pistons?

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    Replacement of pistons I also replace wristpin bearings everytime
    . Order them separately if don't come in kit you are looking at.

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    You could reuse it if it looks and feels ok, but I'd probably replace it if its the original with 120 hours on it. Just piece of mind.

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    I would replace especially considering you had an oil line slip off and that cylinder had no oil,I soul also very carefully inspect the lower rod bearing on the crank

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    Thanks for the nudge...I will replace all 3 wrist pin bearings, for the peace of mind ...and to remove the future regret of obsessing on why I didn't do it. The crank looks good and all movement smooth, with all rods seeming to have the same feel & very slight 'play'. When I first got down into it, it seemed that the shared area (with other 2) in the lower crankcase kept the rod bearings on the failed one lubed with some oil because the bearing oil residue around the lower rod/bearing didn't look significantly different than the other 2 compared to the top end. I plan to take it to my pwc mechanic friend for an inspection/opinion on that lower rod bearing for the failed cylinder after I give it a good kerosene bath and cleaning. I also expected but surprisingly didn't find any debris or pulverized particle/oil/sludge residue from the piston settled in the lower crankcase. I found the broken up bigger piston particles filtered /caught by the catalyst element when opened up (catalyst now removed/replaced with the d plate).

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    What do you mean by " that the shared area (with other 2) in the lower crankcase kept the rod bearings on the failed one lubed with some oil" ??

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