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    2001 XPL No Start

    Hey guys, I have a 2001 xpl with the 951 motor in it (all stock). Well the ski ran great the other day and went to put it in the water on Monday and it wouldn't fire. I pulled the plugs and it has spark. All the fuel lines were changed as well. I checked compression its a little on the low side but I doubt that is the issue. All the ski does is crank and crank it will never fire. Any suggestions on what it could be?

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    Do you mean it wont start up or no fire to plugs?

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    Pull the choke, throttle position at 1/4, start it out of the water at first, make sure the gas is turned on and the battery has a full charge-- make sure the sediment bowl is on correctly and has the good o-ring installed. If it is flooded, heat the spark plugs HOT w/ a torch and reinstall while still HOT.

    If you follow these directions and your ski does not start, you have problems for your mechanic to fix.

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    compression a little on the low side? What does that mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrench View Post
    compression a little on the low side? What does that mean?
    Compression was around 115 on the front cylinder and 113 on the rear cylinder. The ski runs good again. Pulled the carbs off and cleaned them (there was some dirt in one) re-adjusted them and the ski starts and runs fine. Thanks everyone.

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    im not too sure...but i find those compression low,is it normal?

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    135-150 is norm. Ground plug boots .Hold throttle wide open. Might be the gauge. Cylinders might of been super dry.I wouldn't think it would run very good at those #s.

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