I know that compression should be done but on vacation at lake and only few tools.
Been riding for 5 days no problem consistent 7300 rpms wide open ski running strong.
Got on this morning and after letting it warm up took off and while it was pulling hard everything went dead. The display shut off and engine died. Presed starter and started right up. Took off again and after 10 seconds did it again. Then sometimes it will run for 30 seconds or so then quit. Noticed that the fuel gauge will not always be correct when restarting. Sometimes 2bars sometimes where it shoul be. Just threw the fuel Gauge in don't think it has anything to do with it. Going to find a plug wrench and pull them shortly. It will cruise at 4000 or so rpmsfor long periods miles without shutting off. One othe thing the idle is lower than it was yesterday. 1100 vs 1400
any thoughts