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    Jet ski on trailer?

    How far up should my ski be sitting on the trailer? I'm wondering if the ski is not up far enough?

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    i have mine balanced so it will stay down or up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123456 View Post
    i have mine balanced so it will stay down or up.
    Mine does that, so i guess i'm ok. i was asking because i cant seam to get my tiedowns to stay tight. I have tried 3 different brands, all ratchet style.

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    Jet ski on trailer?

    I shoot for 150-200 lbs tongue weight. If not trailer bounces to much. In all reality it depends on what you are pulling with as well.

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    200 lbs is correct for towing, for locally i set em back as i have marks at the post and are adjustable, reason is mine are stored under an open carport and under heavy rains the foot wells hold water, dont like water sitting on em so tilt up.

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