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    Holding choke to get the Raider going.

    My best friend has a Wave Raider 701. AWESOME machine. Abandoned in 1998 and 14 years later he bought it from the Marina here in GA. Motor has tons of compression and the carbs were rebuilt with Mikuni kits.

    The raider idles perfect. You can't floor it from an idle needs the choke and then it will gradually allow you to go without quitting. Once it gets up and running though it will run flawlessly. If you're toying around she will also work perfect. Only when you come to a complete idle will you have to use the choke. This happens when the motor is cold and hot.

    Otherwise...runs out perfect and it's slightly slower than my GP1200 even though it's only a 701 twin carb.

    Thanks for help!


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    Just reread the statement. Forgot the question all this a carb issue?

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    what happens if you don't use the choke when you try to accel from idle?
    Gotta be a carb or fuel issue somehow. On a GP1200, pop-off pressure is what you would tune to get a better off-idle transition. Not sure if that the same on that machine or not.

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    it wants to die. You have to use the choke to coax it up to speed. Once it's up to about 15/20's awesome. You can even spin around and such but if you let it come back to a firm idle...choke time.

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    what do the plugs look like? if carbs are fresh and rebuilt correctly it sounds like you are maybe running extrmely lean....or like cutlass said, the pop off is way out.

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