Hey guys... Awesome forum! and thanks in advance for any help!

So, I have a boat that has a few problems.. First it was a steering cable as the boat sat for over a year.. Fixed that.

Then, all of a sudden the boat would not start anymore. Found out it was not getting fuel, took apart the high pressure fuel pump housing where the needle and pin is, cleaned it up then it fired.

But I have a lot of questions... I would GREATLY, GREATLY, GREATLY appreciate it if someone can help me out.

Coming off of that silver fuel pump housing is a little tiny connection going to no where...

Seems like there should be something connecting to it, but there is not (there is also a random line.. seems like its for vacuum, with a t-fitting connected to nothing sitting under neath the oil tank that sits on the motor... I thought there may be a hose missing that connects the two.)

Another question, when we got the boat running we hooked up a water hose to it but i noticed water pouring out by the intake grate and through the venturi, but nothing coming through the tell-tale hole and nothing through the exhaust either.

Is this because the system has to be closed and pressured as it would be on the water with the water hose connection closed?

There was smoke or steam coming out of the tell-tail so we immediately shut off the motor.

Would the boat be fine on an actual body of water?

Please let me know if pictures will help, i will gladly take some and post them ...

THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!! this boat has been driving me nuts for the past two weeks.