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    250x in the open water

    First time since I bought my ski I took it out in open water and opened it up.
    The sea was 2-4 today but irregular and lots of big boats close the shore.
    I'm impressed with the speed I could run, due to it leaving leavin the water I could run mid 40's , the ride was much smoother than I thought. I race off road motorcycles maybe that's why it feels smooth but you guys that hold it for hours would need some strong legs. It would be addicting. I'm too far from the ocean and already race dirt bikes, can't afford another race series.

    Was fun for the last two weeks in Florida.

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    250x in the open water

    Yep once you start riding offshore and challenging yourself and the ski it gets fun. As you have found out you have the best craft for ocean riding.

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