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    Anyway to remove Speedster steering wheel without tool?

    Can anyone offer any tips on removing the steering wheel on a Speedster jet boat (1997), unfortunately I don't have the puller tool.

    Cheers.... Adrian

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    crap..a puller is needed? may be able to borrow a tool at your auto parts store..a pic of the nose of the wheel would help....

    don't beat on it..those helms are brutal expensive to replace.

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    Remove the nut, then spin it back on until its flushwith the stem (to protect the threads). Get a hammer (3lbs) and i use a flat nose center punch, now sit in the drivers seat and set your ass on the edge and bend your knees and wedge between the helm and the wheel and smack the center punch on the center of the steering shaft while using your legs to pull towards you. The wheel will flex so don't panic,but it shouldn't take more than a couple good solid hits. Its worked for me everytime. goodluck

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