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    Old skis that been sitting.

    I just got back in the watercraft scene after being absent for a long time.

    My dad bought a '00 GPR and '99 XL1200 brand new back then.

    Basically the GPR has around 20 total hours on it and been sitting for years. A few years ago I started it and ran it on the trailer for a few minutes with water going through but after that it been sitting. Something happened to the XL and he ended up taking the top end off and just washed his hands of it.

    He gave them to me to get rid of them and I want to get them back into shape. Right now I'm focused on the GPR. The XL is apart and is probably going to be a little more involed so I'm not worring about that ski right now.

    Heres a to-do list for the GPR:
    1. Clean/redo carbs. I would like to do that myself. There seems to be a lot of info on here on how to do that so I'm going to attempt to tackle that.

    2. Clean out old gas. Anyone got any tips on how to do that besides just siphoning out the old gas and thats it.

    3. "Waveater" clips. I understand this is a must do.

    4. Replace all the lines. The skis have been siitting in Florida under a car port but technically outside in the heat. I assume all the lines are probably cracking. Any advice?

    5. D-plate/deleting the cat. Is it pretty much straght forward?

    Anything else a must do or check on for a stock ski?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me

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    Sounds like you are on the right path. Since you have the exhaust out to redo carbs and hoses, you may want to put an oil pump blockoff in it and go premix. The dplate is pretty easy to do with exhaust out as well. You can see in pics what bolts to remove and if they arent seized up the job is quick and painless. Waveeater clips also very easy job.

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