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    Tigershark EMM will run Polaris Ficht engine for testing; interesting bit of info...

    Not often I can make a contrbution to the groups knowledge base.....

    Have a pair of Ficht fuel injected Virages roll in here yesterday..somebody who should have been shoveling gravel was trying to "fix them"

    Besides the wrong spark plugs, half the stator cover bolts out and spliced wires everywhere they looked pretty good for a couple of 500hr plus skis.

    I suspected the emm was toasted as the terminal on one of the batteries looked bady heated (deformed the case actually) so somebody was cranking them hoping they would start just from the heat of compression.

    Anyhow, I pulled the emm off and just for grins (and the fact that I don't want to use up a free pass at DFI if it turned out to be something else) I figured I didn't have much to lose if I plugged an emm from an old Tigershark DI that is getting dusty in my yard (that's a long painful story.....maybe this winter)

    anyhow some miracle of the water god Poseidon himself, the ski started! Of course the check engine lamp was flashing like a beacon (it is safe to assume that half of the sensors were out of range) but it confirmed in just a few minutes there were no major problems standing in the way of this repair.

    Unless I can pull a code, I am always a bit nervous about sending an emm in for check engine light flashing on the ski with the bad emm..which means it has some real problems..I haven't struck out (yet) with DFI, and I don't want to sully my reputation by misdiagnosis.

    So this other Tigershark EMM is now a good troubleshooting tool for other three cylinder Ficht skis..just for a quick test of the injectors and ignition systems..which translates into something useful for those that have a few of these skis laying about.

    I did check that the power feeds were in the same place on the Polaris before plugging it in so I didn't think I had a whole lot to lose..

    When I pull the emm from the 2 banger I may give the same thing a try..if the basic wiring looks correct. ( and I might be so bold to assume that the alternator/stator connections on these emm's are all the same, with minor differences in the software used between brands and the expected vlaues of the various sensors on board

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    The Ficht system used on Polaris is VERY similar to the Ficht fuel injection found on Tigershark and Kawasaki Direct Injection 2-stroke engines.

    The Polaris stator and EMM connections are essentially identical between two and three cylinder Polaris versions. I would expect the same on the two cylinder non-Polaris engines.

    Sensors on non-Polaris Ficht I seem to recall have some differences but I have forgotten what those differences might be.

    If memory serves DFI used to be able to repurpose a non-Polaris EMM to work on Polaris, but I think they no longer have the laptop software to do this EMM reprogramming.

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