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    951 @ 2 mm over wisco pistons PRO-X ?

    Okay machine shop called they bored my jugs to 2mm over I discussed only 1.5 over to stay with the PRO X I don't see 2mm over anyone except wisco. I would of resleeved. WTF. I was told to stay away from wisco on the 951. Even wisco sight say" clean up resleeve nessary" What does that mean. What do you recommend now for piston clearance. Ive read .0065" Have to warm up well every time rode.

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    i'm running mine at .008,

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    A little over what I've looked up so far , to help prevent cold seize or running over 7000 rpms ? Any slapping at all ? What size over were you at.

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    How can they know what size to bore them if no pistons yet to measure? I would run and hide from that place. I only bore to nearly finish size to ensure a perfectly round hole followed with a honed finish. Sizes vary greatly between brands, and no way they are going to bore close enough to just hone to size without taking a lot of material out getting there. With interrupted cuts due to port openings and transfer passage reliefs, more its honed, the more bore angles toward exhaust opening and cylinder tries to egg. On a full length cylinder without ports like on a 4 stroke, its not so much of a big deal. But not with all the holes in a 2 stroke cylonder. A lot of people do it this way but in my book its a big, its a no-no.

    When you run Wiseco pistons, clearance is big. Motor is prone to rattling terribly when cold. Not my idea of a perfect setup there.

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    They just cut until they got perfect round and grooves will be out.Give me the size I'll need. Finish bore and hone to mate with piston .Guy said it's the only he'll do it if there is some deep grooves, so I don't have to buy the wrong size pistons.

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