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    2001 GTX-DI smoking like CRAZY!... read more!

    Hey guys and gals, got an issue here.

    2001 GTX-DI 127 hours. Runs flawlessly. Never had an issue... Until i went on a week long vacation, during which time the doo sat outside in 100 degree days with no cover... yeah i know, not cool. Knowing this thing has always been trusty I got home, hooked the DI up to the truck and headed to the lake. Started up like it always does, nice and easy. After about 20 Seconds of idle it begun to bellow white smoke from the exhaust, no smoke/steam from engine compartment. I ran it for about 30 more seconds to see if it would clear, it did not, at that point, no maint light. I get it home and hook the ski up to the hose to run it/warm it up for a bit and get an accurate compression check. After starting up on the hose, effortlessly, it threw a maint message with a red blinking light and audible warning. After warming up i pulled the plugs to inspect and do a compression check. Plugs were fouled with oil, the bow side much worse then the stern. Hooked up my compression gauge (i own my own auto shop and know how to use my tools, the numbers following are true and accurate) Both cylinders were 146 psi compression. Makes sense, even smoking, it started and ran nice. (holding WOT during cranking, both wires grounded to block, plugs removed, observed leak down)

    So... Where do i start? Rip apart the exhaust system and look for leaks? Would a leak in the exhaust throw a maint light? Is it possible that the sit time in the heat caused the oil to expand and push through a crank seal and get excessive oil in the combustion chamber?

    I broke the filler neck check valve when i cleaned my oil reservoir this year, didn't replace it. It ran for 3 weeks with over 10 hours flawlessly so kinda just forgot about it.

    ANY IDEAS? I know you guys are the best...

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    I pulled the RAVE valves apart, they were hideously dirty and caked with oil, so i cleaned them up and install new gaskets. The smoking appears to be reduced, but still smoking majorly. When this thing is at full health there isn't hardly at smoke at all. I checked the alignment of the throttle to oil pump assembly and the scribes are aligned and no leaks appear to be present at any oil junctions. I don't know how a relatively short sit time could have caused a pump to become misaligned, or a rave valve to stick, but desperate here!!! its over 100 and i cant take my DOO out!!!

    ANY IDEAS!?!?!?!

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    Take it out and run it and see if it clears up. When you say that the check valve is broken, do you mean it isn't there anymore?

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    BlackHawk- I had a feeling I should put her in for a dip and see if it clears. The motor starts flawlessly and on the trailer with her ass end in the river she sounds great, as long as you arent looking for smoke haha. The smoke does seem to be lessening but still isnt up to snuff.

    The check valve...Not even present. When I broke the check valve off the filler next a month back or so I wasnt gonna wait 3 weeks to get her on the water, so made a note to order one and took her out on the water. It ran so well the check valve slipped my mind completely.

    Is it possible that the check valve not be present allowed the oil tank to create positive pressure during the hot sit time and thus cause X amount of oil to be forced though the pump and into the motor, and now the only thing i can do is burn it off?

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    Are you sure oil pump cable , spring didn't get messed up. I thing it still only goes to 40 to 1 normally wide open. Hey did you or some one accidentally fill gas tank with some oil by mistake? An extra 1/2 gallon in 12 gals of fuel would make it smoke a bit.

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    You could have broken the oil pump drive cable, I seem to recall it goes wide open if this happens.

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    SeaDood is right on the pump. If the cable breaks it goes full on. But if that was the case, it would idle rough too. The purpose of the check valve is to let air into the tank as oil is consumed so as not to create vacuum in the tank.

    Which check valve did you break. Is it the one in the filler next or the one on the air inlet hose? If it is the one in the filler neck, I would say that is your problem. Oil from the return line is probably draining back into the crankcase.

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