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    Buying PWC With Trailer - Registration Question

    I'm down in Texas and am looking at at PWC tomorrow being sold by an individual. He has title to the boat, but he said the trailer's registration is still in the previous owner's name. Is this an issue? Or does it make a difference since their is not title to trailers? Just want to make sure I'm not gonna have trouble getting it registered since the bill of sale won't have his (the previous owner) name on it. Any help is appreciated!

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    Somebody may post up, or a mod may move this post - but you're better off asking this question in this section: where it's germane to your geography.

    PS: Welcome to the 'hulk!

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    In Texas sometimes you can do home built trailer. I would at least get what seller has and a bill of sale specfic to the trailer.

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    In Texas, trailers with a carrying capacity of less than 4000 pounds are not titled, but they are registered to individuals and you need them registered to obtain/renew license plates.

    What you do need is a bill of sale that includes the trailers VIN number signed by the owner. When I say owner, usually that would be the person who last registered it for license plates. The bill of sale also needs to include the date of sale and the purchase price along with who it was sold to...along with addresses and telephone numbers of both individuals involved. You are supposed to get the registration invoice from them but I have yet to buy a trailer that the owner knew where it was.

    Since things get complicated when people don't get the paperwork done to change the registration over to their name...I'm going to PM you my cell #. Call me if needed and I'll fill you in on what to do to get the correct info you will need to register it in your name.

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