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    2873081 Ign Update kit

    Anyone have this collecting dust? for a 1200 tripple, need one,

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    I presume you meant to specify the 2873091 Ignition Update Kit

    These have become thinner on the ground but are still available new. I just bought two 2873091 a week ago from and another one a month ago from Babbitts. Prices were about $320 each

    I should note that all 1200 engines already came with the Gen III 'update' type ignition so you should not need the entire kit unless you want both a new stator and a new CDI.

    Also the 2873091 kit has the stator grommet style used on the older 1996-1998/9 engines, not the newer U shaped grommet found on the 1200 engines.

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