Hi guys,
New to the forum here with some questions about modding. So I purchased a set of fresh water only 04 seadoos, a GTX s/c and an 04 RXP. Dont know too much about them but the RXP had the broken exhaust valve. Whoever had it before me had taken out the whole engine and pump assembly and left them in crates.

So now im sitting on the GTX which seems fine. It has only 46 hours on it so i assume it still has the stock s/c with ceramic washers. Thats on my list to be replaced during the off season, with my first question being would it be easy and beneficial to swap out with a newer x-charger without doing anything else here? Meaning no new injectors and such? I wastold i can run race fuel to be on the safe side. Im also worried about the valve on this ski, is this a potential issue also?

My next question is for the rest of this season, which will prolly only be about 6 more hours total on the water, are there stock parts from my RXP that i can swap over to play with since the RXP is out of commision anyhow? I read another thread http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/show...x+supercharged but some werent sure if his ski was s/c or not so would it apply here? Im really looking to see if theres free stuff here i can swap out to make it faster until i take it in to get the motor rebuilt. Im hoping to be able to get the info i need to be able to research an easy how to on the swaps since ill be doing it myself.
It currently is running about 60mph with 6950 rpms stock with only a skat trak impeller upgrade and im not sure on the size. DOnt know if it matters but Etemp was 95F all day.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I was a little sad cause i got roasted by a newer (2010+) rxt-x 260 which i know is not anywhere near my speed but i hate to lose to anything none the less.
btw love the forum, so many knowledgeable people here.