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Thread: Seedoo wont go

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    Seedoo wont go

    Just had seedoo serviced and the tech found water in the oil. He said he couldn't say how long the motor would last. It died the next trip in the first ten minutes. It ran good then slowed then cut off and would not restart. I did some testing, the plugs were firing but had some oil on them . Cleanr
    ed the plugs Got the motor to start again but there was a tinging sound along with a loss of power sensation and a lot of smoke. I pulled plugs again and did a compression check with the rear cylinder producing 140 psi and the front cylinder just barely reading. The piston is moving up and down with no unusual sounds or vibration. So what's next? This is a rotax 717 about 14 years old with about 15 to twenty hours per summer usage and no repair history.

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    I think this is in the wrong section. Sound like the front cylinder started to seize or has burn a hole in the piston. Looks like time for a new top end and a bore job.

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    Ok thanks. If anyone can redirect this post to what section It needs to be in I would appreciate it.

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