Hey Guys
Im looking to get a new ski in the coming months. I have a gp1200r thats missing a few parts from being a stage 2 thats forsale. It is nice however I am getting tired of premixing all of the time and just want a 4 stroke ski. My budget will be right around 6k give or take a little. I have found a rxp x around here for right around that price but after all Im reading with it being a gas hog and gas going upwards of $4 idk if i will be able to afford it as I am starting college back. Also do the rxp x require the 100 hr sc rebuilds like the older rxp's? Ive also looked at the r12x bc of the fuel consumption but would ideally like it to get it to where my gp1200r is speed wise or even a stock rxp x. Im stuck in between a rock and a hard place right now haha. I will be riding on a lake with small chop majority of the time with the occasional ride up to lake norman. I will also be riding about 50/50 between single and 2 up riding. I will be glad to listen to yalls suggestions even if it is not one of the skis mentioned. Thanks for the help!