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    Question I completely have no spark after a partial flood!?!?

    So last week from the excitement of wanting to go on the jetski i forgot to do a walkaround and forgot to put the drain plugs back on. so after putting the ski in the water and getting back from parking the trailor i realized i didnt check the plugs and obviously when i checked that is when i realized theyre werent on.

    I immediately removed the cover and saw water in the ski so my dumb ass decided to turn on the jetski to start the bilge pump. everything was fine and it turned on immediately and pumped out water. the downfall was that water started to go into the intake and stalled out. so it stalled out and i turned the jetski around and pulled it on the ramp unitl i was ableto get backup plugs cause one was comletely lost.

    so it drained a bit while on the ramp and i was able to find the plug and put it back on the trailor and drained it completed. I immediately removed all the spark plugs and cranked it which rleased all the water inside the engine and the motor cranked over perfectly. i put some oil and starter fluid , then sprayed the new backup plugs i carry and put it back on the engine. But still no start!!! so i put in a device to see if there was any spark and noticed there was not one ounce of spark on none of the plugs which led me to believe due to water on the bottom of the hull it must have shorted or done something to the elictrical system. all the fuses are fine on the electric box but now im just confused. i let it sit for a week to dry up but still no luck. i was thinking it could be the stator cause water only built up from the bottom of the engine near the stator and intake system , and the shaft. my bro in law told me there may be a possibility that water may have entered through where the wires go into for the stator. all i know is that its got to be in an area that water touch cause before this happened this jetski would turn on so easily that i can press the starter button and let it go right away and it would still start. and yes i did test everything out the same day i took it out and everything worked perfectly until the whole water issue.

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    he's right you've got water in your stator cover just open it an let the water out an you should be fine

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    wow so water being in there would cause that? and how difficult would it be to to remove it and do u think thats gonna be rusty ass hell now? ive maintained oil in the crank and piston so it doesnt sieze

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    do you think im gonna need to buy a new stator? remember that if water has been sitting there for the last week or so then im afraid it could have caused damage

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