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    What are my skis worth?

    I have the opportunity to sell both my 2002 virage TXI 1200 and double shoreland trailer. I have spent much time repairing these and now someone has approached me to buy them as a package deal. The question I have is should I sell and what are they worth? They both are stock and have close to 130 hrs. very clean and run great. Should I sell and up grade or hold onto them? what would you do?

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    If you did not own those two Virage but had the money on hand to buy them and knew their current condition, would you buy them for the same price you think you can sell them for?

    In other words, do those two machines still appeal to you?

    If you sold them, what would you be buying instead, and at what price? Don't forget to include the parts cost and value of your time to check, clean, update, upgrade and maintain whatever new-to-you watercraft you buy.

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    don't even look at the book values..Polaris has hit the bottom there.

    I'd say an injected Polaris is a great machine..if properly maintained. There is no substitute for knowing what has been done to your ski.

    The trailer..well that's a different story

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    I know, I Know but the fact Polaris no longer makes PWC and the fuel and electrical system seem complex to most of us, I just need to ask if it's wise to hold onto them becouse I like them or sell them.

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    Time to update

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    Keep them. If you have put the time and effort in them to make them right, you should have good reliable rides for years to come. Unless you would be buying new skis, its likely you will have a new set of issies to sort out. At least for me, the performance difference between what you have now and what you could potentially buy, is not that much, unless you buy some new supercharged 4 stroke.

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    What are my skis worth?

    I will actually answer your question

    I would think $5k would be on the high side of the range. About $2k for each plus the trailer. You can use (and/or ebay) to do a regional or even national search. Listings that have been up for a while are priced too high

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    Your right on the money, that's what the offer was. Thank you.

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